Flavour - Athens, Greece

Alexees Hobson (alexees@ath.forthnet.gr)
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 21:11:38 +0200

"Every now and then say what the fuck.
What the fuck gives you freedom.
Freedom brings opportunity.
Opportunity makes your future."

Here are the latest developments from the Flavour Massive...


## 27.02
Flavour Thursdays at the Groovin are coming to an end. This
Thursday, February 27th, will be the last featuring Dimitri K,
Zak, Alexees and Mark doing the Flavour future funk. Look
forward to a different Flavour night at the Groovin since we are
moving Thursday nights to a different venue [see below].

## 28.02
Face The Music is organizing an all-night/all-day dance music
gathering that will feature 11 DJs on three different stages.
Alexees will represent the Flavour crew, handling affairs on the
chill out stage with two decks, an fx box and a laptop as his weapons
of choice. The event takes place Friday, February 28th - March 1st,
starting at midnight. Stay tuned to Energy 87.7 FM for more info.
Other DJs that will be present: Aris, Petros, Fivos, Mikele, Pascal,
Christo K, Dennis, Harris, among others. Respect.

## 05.03
Zak leaves us because the country needs him! Zak will be serving
his obligatory military duties in the Greek Air Force for the next two
years. Good luck Zak, hope you have a smooth ride.

## 06.03
The Flavour Crew will commence a new series of funk-induced club
nights at Face The Music [125-127 Kifisias Avenue, inside the
Cosmos Center]. Planet Funk will take place every Thursday and
will feature the likes of Dimitri K. teasing your taste buds with
intelligent house music, Tassos adding a soulful house spice to the
blend and Alexees to simmer it all up with his freestyle funk. Mark
is on the dyna-mike and expect Zak to do a fly-over and lay down
some of his groove herbs from time to time. Admission is free.


Thanks to Athinorama magazine for mentioning the Flavour nights
and thanks to Noiz magazine for publishing our flyer. That's what a
couple of tequila shots will do for you... :) Also, thanks to the people
that support Flavour, you guys appreciate, understand and respond
to the good groove. We couldn't ask for a better crowd.

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