Re: liquid liquid

Daniel R Bidwa (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 18:14:35 -0400 (EDT)
>back on the list temporarily again and just wanted to know if anyone
>had checked out the liquid liquid lp - i only know "cavern" and would
>like to hear thoughts on the rest of this Mo Wax re-release.

Some thoughts? I've been looking for Liquid Liquid records for
ten years with zip luck, and if Mo Wax still needed any brownie
points, this release has earned them more than they'll ever use
up. If you've heard "Cavern" (and who hasn't, at least in part --
it's where the main riff for Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines"
came from) and liked it, you'll probably enjoy the rest -- edgy
1980s NYC funk that nobody seems to play any more, the sort of
stuff that floats my boat right over the damn falls.

(If you've heard it and dig it, you'd also probably enjoy records
by Massacre, Material, and the Golden Palominos, to name a few.
Massacre was a one-record formation; Material has put out a billion
records, with lots of bad ones included in the mix -- "Memory Serves"
is relatively available, and a decent starting place; the Golden
Palominos have also put out a bunch of less than stellar records --
the one to get is "OAO". Some of this stuff has been reissued (like
the Bush Tetras), some is impossible to find, and if anyone has a
copy of either of the Stickmen's records that they'd like to donate
to my worthy cause, get on the horn.)

Dan, who bought two copies of the Liquid Liquid reissue and is
now a very happy chappie.