Fun with the CD DataBase

Erik Gaderlund (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 14:12:30 -0800

Well, now that people seem to be back, from vacation, and those with a good
connection can play this game I've been playing. Its called 'beat the CD
DataBase." Some people setup a bunch of servers that enable you to
download the track listings so you can spend hours downloading off a server
instead of spending hours typing them in. Go on to (
and find the program for your platform, I use InCDious, a java applet for
the Mac OS (

I picked up the Photek full length and have to say it is some of the most
misterious d'n'b that I have ever listened to. But, one downside is that
'Double Sword Technique' is not on it, though 'The Fifth Column' is. The
packaging is very sparce, so if you already have the EP you won't be
repeating yourself.

More on the Levi's adds. Does anybody remember the one that played in the
States that had a group in a Barber Shop, with one Black dude with a
fade/dreads that was spinning some french hip-hop?

And, get off Marks back, at least you can post some of your own mindless
post that might have some info for us to glean that turning this into a
flame fest.

erik g