Eighth Dimension Update

Eighth Dimension (badmood@earthlink.net)
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 00:24:27 -0700 (PDT)


It's been a while since we've last let you know what's going on with Eighth
Dimension... since then, much has happened and quite a few new releases are
on the way. Let's dive right in with an update:

SELECTED MATERIAL compilation now released on ASTRALWERKS UK:
The Eighth Dimension compilation 'Selected Material' is now available on CD
and vinyl through Astralwerks UK/Vital. This is the follow up to the 'Mixed
Emotions' compilation that was released on Delancey Street a year back.
Pimp Daddy Nash, Q-Burns Abstract Message, DJ BMF, and Dubmarine are all
present with new material and are joined by new artists DynaGroove and
Lickerish Quartet. Diverse styles in electronic groove are represented:
downtempo, drum n bass, soulbeat, twisted hip hop, etc. This also features
fantastic cover art by Fred Barr (Soul Power Magazine). Initial response
from press and DJs has been outstanding... this compilation is the perfect
primer for where Eighth Dimension is headed in the years to come.

Released September 29th is the new 4 song EP from Q-Burns Abstract Message.
This will be also released on Astralwerks UK in association with Eighth
Dimension. The 4 songs show a growth in the Qubes' style, with tracks that
are more musical but still retaining that Q-Burns groove. Here's a quick
run down: "Spell" is a strange ode to krautrock and Euro-disco. "Get Your
Groove On" is the funkiest track Q-Burns' done in a while with bubbling
bass synths and shimmering guitars. "Sargasso Sea" is a surprisingly
melancholy track containing a sung vocal fragment and some lush
atmospherics. "Doublecross" is a follow-up of sorts to "Jericho Roads": a
sprawling epic piece encompassing many moods and grooves. Definitely be on
the look out for this EP, a taster for the full LP in spring '98, also on

Eighth Dimension has just signed a limited deal for the United States with
World Domination. In addition to being the US home for acts such as Loop
Guru and Perfume Tree, World Domination also aids in the distribution of
labels ~swim (Colin Newman of Wire's label) and Independent Project (past
home to Savage Republic, current home to Scenic). We will be doing a series
of artist releases through them, distributed by ADA distribution. The first
release in this arrangement will be a US version of the 'Selected Material'
compilation. This version will be a double CD, also containing all of the
'Mixed Emotions' LP as well as extra tracks and remixes by Mot, Kingsize,
Orpheos Music, and Bugs. This will be sold at a single CD price, and
happily marks the first time an Eighth Dimension CD has been available in
our own country. Look for the release of this in the first week of November.

Thursday October 2nd: Los Angeles, at Luna Park (Quango Night)
Friday October 3rd: Vancouver BC, Mo' Funk night
Saturday October 4th: Los Angeles with Symbiosis at a 'secret location'...
call 310-840-5563 for information
Sunday October 5th: San Francisco at Spundae
Monday October 6th: Los Angeles at Louis XIV with the Bud Brothers
Friday October 10th: San Francisco at Nikita, 1015 Folsom
Sunday October 19th: Chicago, Smart Bar 'Deep Concentration Tour'
Thursday October 23rd: New York, Giant Step 'Deep Concentration Tour'
Friday October 24th: Raleigh NC 'Deep Concentration Tour'
In November: Q-Burns stumbles across England!

Look for the Q-Burns Abstract Message remix of Thinkhead's "The Pledge",
out in October on FFRR...

Also, DJ BMF, Dynagroove, and Pimp Daddy Nash are all working on albums to
be released in the new year. More information on their progress soon...

For press kits, promo inquires, DJ bookings, and other information (and to
say 'howdy') feel free to contact us at the address below.

P.O. Box 1909
Orlando, Florida 32802 USA
PH: (407) 420-4669
FX: (407) 422-8895
EMAIL: badmood@earthlink.net

"Repetition is a form of change."
-Oblique Strategy