Re: Song ID Request/Blue Skies

From: Beau J. Young (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 22:47:05 CEST

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    >Any Chocolate City/KCRW listeners out there...tryin'
    >to find a song, I don't know if it was white label or
    >what...called "Blue Skies" I believe. That was the
    >hook of it anyway. It's not the Groove Armada joint,
    >nor is it the cut by BT/Tori Amos.
    >Male vocalist, soulful, atmospheric. Mix of electronic
    >and R&B riffs, lyrics: "maybe we can fly/maybe we can
    >try/we can fly so high/seein' blue skies"
    >I know Garth T. played it at some point around the end
    >of last year but for the life of me cannot find it on
    >his playlists.
    >Any help'd be appreciated.

    The song IS called "Bluesky" and is by Outside. I have it on 12" from
    Dorado Records but I dont know if it is on any compilations. There are a
    couple Ashley Beedle Remixes on the B side which are ok but not as good as
    the original. I also first heard this from Garth but I think it was 1999.
    Good luck finding it! peace.

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