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    Week 9, 04/03/01

    London doesn't work! Can someone please fix it!

    Check out Ian O'Brien on the Groovetech radio show
    Friday March 9th between 7-10pm GMT. Listeners
    just log on to There's more
    info on Ian's site OB
    will be playing new releases, old techno classics
    and later on some classic old school fusion. He will
    be no doubt drinking lots of beer too! Aiight! Go on
    dare Mr OB.

    Each and every Friday. Attica Blues presents
    'Blue Print Sessions' at Plastic People 147-149
    Curtain Road, EC2 ( nearest tubes Liverpool
    Street/Old Street). All forms of music in one room
    played on one of the heaviest sound systems
    in London. Hosted by the original heavyweight
    remix and production crew Attica Blues plus special
    guests. If you remember the old warehouse days
    then you're sure to love this jam. Come down, bring
    some friends and check it for yourself.

    Strut @ The Eve Club - Friday March 9th
    Strut Records has now moved it's monthly 'Strut'
    party to the salubrious Eve Club on Regent Street,
    scene of the 60's infamous Profumo affair. On the
    second Friday of the month the Strut Players will
    be dropping their mix of Disco, Latin, Jazz, Hip-Hop,
    Reggae, Soul, Funk, House & Afrobeat all over the
    unique illuminated floor! The first party is on Friday
    March 9th and we're delighted to be joined by
    special guest Dave Lee aka Joey Negro,
    compiler of Strut's Disco Not Disco compilation
    and currently riding high in the charts with Jakatta's
    American Dream.
    Special Guest, Joey Negro (Disco Not Disco,
    Z-Records), Strut DJs, Quinton Scott, Toni Rossano,
    Christine Indigo, Simon Haggis.
    Strut @ The Eve Club 189 Regent Street (Opposite
    Hamleys) London, W1 Piccadily Circus or Oxford
    Circus tubes 10pm-3.30am
    5 before 11pm / with flyer / NUS, 7
    Tel: 020 7485 7855
    Website: http://www.strut.c

    Marks and Sparks is a collaborative exhibition
    between the nottinghillarts club and the image
    makers Lance. It poses a number of questions
    by recontextualising the concept of Marks and
    What is it exactly that has brought about the
    fundamental shift in peoples minds away from
    the good old Marks and Spencer? Is it rejection
    of unbranded merchandise in favour of lifestyles
    labels for example Calvin Klein underwear? It
    could be argued that Marks and Spencer as the
    original unbranded label knew that uncool was
    cool before anyone else did as readers of Naomi
    Kleins seminal bestseller 'No Logo' may testify.
    So what about the fight back? Why should people
    be marginalized and made to feel unsexy in M&S
    gear? The vintage elements of Marks and Spencer
    were radical no advertising and no credit cards
    and Marks and Sparks was once seen as the
    company most respected for its management
    practises by other companies. This show questions
    the logic of middle England bowing to media
    pressure and eating itself.
    Save the shop that launched the undertones
    and geek rock. Imagine a great shop that didn't
    advertise, produced well designed unbranded
    goods and supported British suppliers.....
    The show will run at the nottinghillarts club from
    March 2nd until 15th April

    This weeks chart #### This weeks chart #### This weeks chart

    1. Sepia - Age of Cool (Underground Evolution) CD-R
    Taking from the unreleased 'City of Strangers' album.
    This cuts the mustard in a similar vein to last years
    stunning 'Surrender' track that some many peeps missed
    out on! Sepia outta Chicago and one of the true secrets
    of the left hand lane!

    2. Afronaught - Transcend Me (Apollo) 12"
    Co-op theme tune! The awesome, the incredible, the amazing,
    the most exciting track outta West London for many a moon!
    You need this twelve! Album sounding good in my CD player
    too. O-Bug finally delivers! The rest they say is history!
    Number 1 in Weston's chart and it ain't even Japanese!

    3. Vikter Duplaix - Manhood (Rima remix)(Groove Attack) CD-R
    Domu teaming up with the Volcov to produce an excellent
    twisted version of one of last years classic releases. Nuff
    said when you team these three together.

    4. V/A - Visions Sampler (Visions) 2x12"
    Alex Attias and friends give us an awesome double
    pack of future jazz licks. Featuring Jessica Lauren,
    Domu, Stephane Attias with Vanessa Freeman and
    the Volcov man gets serious too.

    5. Jazztronik - Inner Flight (Counterpoint) 2xLP
    This not coming through Flower recordings but through
    Brighton's Counterpoint label. Japanese fusion exponents
    deliver a slice of new and some older sought after
    recordings on two mighty slices of vinyl.

    6. Kaidi Tatham - Betcha (Original/Son of Scientist mix)(Bitasweet) CD-R
    Still sick! IG and Kaidi let loose with more mad West London
    side stepping! Forget two step, this is twenty two step! Kaidi
    back on home turf too. Bitasuite back to full noise and energy
    levels! Sick! Sick! Sick! Pass me another bucket!

    7. P'taah - Flying High (unreleased mix) (Ubiquity) 2xLP
    The original album was killa and the remix 'De'Compressed'
    project follows the same path. All the excellent remix's from
    the Ubiquitous set of twelve's and three new tracks including
    a great rework of 'Flying High' by the man himself.

    8. Wai Wan & Loretta Heywood - Feelin' Me Feelin' You (Earth Project) 12"
    Earth Project going the same way as 'People' records!
    Basically from strenght to strenght. Excellent package in
    EP004 including a awesome Atjazz remix. Ms Heywood
    as ever, delivering super strong vocals.

    9. Yesterday's New Quintet - EP (Stones Throw) 12"
    More Madlib mayhem! Excellent Lo-Fi hip hop from Quasi
    producer. Doing my head in with the riffs and samples used!
    Clocked the Tom Browne 'Herbal Scent' one but need help
    with the others.

    10. Ne Grove - Let it Ride (House mix)(Pure Filth) 12"
    Leroy, Marcus and the crew give us a West London
    classic with new house vibes! Super dance floor
    friendly and with new vocals by Mr Begg. Silk
    production as always with 'soul' as the source.

    11. Da Lata - Pra Manha (mixes)(Palm Pics) 2x12"
    We get the double pack at last! IG Culture, Blaze and KV5
    respect the soul and spirit which is Da Lata. Classic NY groove,
    beats broken or mechanical, all mixes sound ready for the left
    hand lane of dancefloors!

    12. Zero Crossing - Missed Torsion (Remixes)(Spinning Wheel) 12"
    Well, I had a listen to the flip and Gorden Bennet, There's a
    Domu broken beat biscuit to contend with the TAOS A side!
    I need to listen to my records more closely! Respect
    Spinning Wheel, respect Mr Stanton.

    13. Dennis Ferrer & Jehlaz - Jehlaz (Ibadan) 2xLP
    Deep and soulful house excursion from a excellent
    Ibadan compilation by Kerri Chandler and Jerome
    Syndrome called 'Saturday'. Jehlaz the deepest cut
    and worth the price tag alone.

    14. Nathan Haines - Earth is the Place (Chilli Funk) 12"
    Inspirational track lifted from the awesome forthcoming LP. We
    get a Restless Soul peaktime mix along with a DJ Gregory from
    Paris on the twelve. It's in the shops too!

    15. Les Gammas meets Clare Fischer - Descarga Yema Ya (Mojo) 2xLP
    Choice cut from the Mojo club remix album number two and
    really nice to finally get it on plastic. The rest of the album
    misses the mark but hey Clare Fischer vs Les Gammas!

    16. Two Banks of Four - Homegirl (Sirkus) CD-R
    Proper song, proper production! Beautifully sung by Valerie
    Ettiene. A story told indeed! If you enjoyed 'Sweet Lullabies'
    and 'The Birds Sing' then you need to look out for this. Get
    ready for 'Moving' track too!

    17. Koop - V/T (Diesel Music) CD-R
    Nuff waltz and bossa bizniz going on here! Featuring vocals from
    Terry Callier, Yukimi Nagano, she the Japanese vocalist for the
    Swell Sessions! TC, he sang with Charles Stepney! Just thought
    I'd tell you that!

    18. Breakestra - Remember who you are (Stones Throw) 12"
    Stones Throw showing diversity with this slice of real
    retro soul! We check the flip side for some serious
    kick ass husky voc's and wicked horn stabs!

    19. Sequel - Upsolid EP (Straight Ahead) 12"
    Really enjoying this one! Vocals on 'Why' by Ms
    Shoney White are sublime! Rest of the EP delivers
    too. Broken beat outta Swizterland! Aiight!

    20. Difusion - Illusive Angel (Solaria) CD-R
    Venom and Uncle get it done with this deep and vibrating
    sound off! Somewhere between Drum n Bass and West
    London broken beats! A bunch of Viper/Venom stuff
    sounding off very soon!

    21. London Elektricity - Round the Corner (Landslide rmx)(Hospital) CD-R
    Tim Land always delivers the best two step action! This no
    execption! Forthcoming remix for a great song that still gets
    regular outings in my sets!

    22. Cruel-L Grand Orchestra - We Live for Life (Recloose rmx)(Cruel-L) 12"
    Oh my god! Another outrageous Recloose remix this time for
    Japan's Cruel-L imprint. This man has a sound! Recloose big
    in 2001! For sure! Detroit back on the map! Recloose definitely
    doing his thing in London very soon. Plastic People the venue.

    23. Hipnotic - Naima (Original & Ian O'Brien mixes)(Laws of Motion) 12"
    Over 2 years in the CD player but now in vinyl format! Long
    awaited Fleming Brothers interpretation of Coltranes classic.
    Chunky eleven min remix from Mr O'B too. Lets hope we
    don't have to wait another two years for the follow up!

    24. Fertile Ground - Let the wind Blow (1ness of 2 remix)(Counterpoint) 12"
    Well some may say the Jazztronik rmx of 'Peace and
    Love' may be better! But on this page we go for the
    Oneness of Two rework! Whatever, vinyl doing damage
    none the less.

    25. Jazzanova - The Japanese Reworks (Compost/JCR) 12"
    The three choice jobs outta the land of the rising sun get a
    vinyl release! Calm, Kyoto Jazz Massive and Yukihiro
    Fukutomi come through with splendid interpretations of
    classic Jazzanova tunes!

    Java Joint this week!
    Teruo Nakamura 'Rising Sun'
    Polydor PD-1-6097 (1976)
    This my favourite Nakamura album, though do check the
    'Manhattan Special' album which came out a year later.
    Harry Whitaker playing electric piano on the awesome
    'Cat'. Lonnie Smith adding 'Korg' synth to the other great
    track on this album 'Rising Sun'. Nakamura's bass guitar
    perfectly suited to that mid seventies funky fusion feel.

    #### Granny selection last Thursday ####

    1. Ultra Nate/4 Hero - Twisted (INFRACom 00 LP)
    2. Procreation - Citizen (Compost 01 LP)
    3. Yesterdays New Quintet - Sunrays (Stones Throw 01 12")
    4. Jay Dee - Think Twice (BBE 01 LP)
    5. Jack McDuff - Naima (Jam ? LP)
    6. Patrice Rushen - Stepping Stones (Prestige 77 LP)
    7. Natalie Cole - La Costa (Capitol 77 LP)
    8. Platinum Hook - Gotta find a women (Motown 78 LP)
    9. Kool & the Gang - Whisper Softly (De-Lite 76 LP)
    10. Rose Royce - Ooh Boy (Whitfield 79 LP)
    11. Rufus & Chaka Khan - Destiny (ABC 78 LP)
    12. Dionne Warwicke - Move me no Mountain (Warner Bros 75 LP)
    13. Roberta Flack - Compared to What (Atlantic 69 LP)
    14. Betty Carter - Open the Door (Bet-Car 64 LP)
    15. Tom Browne - What's going On (GRP 79 LP)
    16. Lonnie Liston Smith - We can dream (Colombia 78 LP)
    17. Miama - Kill that Roach (Drive 76 LP)
    18. James Brown - Stone to the Bone (Polydor 73 LP)
    19. Charles Watts - Express Yourself (Warner Bros 70 LP)
    20. Fatback Band - Yum Yum (Event 75 LP)
    21. Starguard - Which way is Up (MCA 78 LP)
    22. El Coco - Lets get it together (AVI 76 12")
    23. One Way - Didn't you know (MCA 83 LP)
    24. Finished Touch - I love to see you Dance (Motown 78 12")
    25. Evelyn King - Shame (RCA 77 12")
    26. Bobby Thurston - You got what it takes (Prelude 80 LP)
    27. Dennis Coffey - Free Spirit (Westbound 77 LP)
    28. Fantastic Four - Got to have your Love (Westbound 77 LP)
    29. Cameo - It's Serious (Chocolate City 78 LP)
    30. Clare Fisher/Les Gammas - Descargo Yema Ya (Universal 01 LP)
    31. Jazzanova/Calm - Introspection (Compost 01 12")
    32. DHJ - Shapeshifter (Archive 01 12")
    33. Wai Wan/AtJazz - Feelin' Me Feelin You (Earth Project 01 12")
    34. Blaze - Better days (Life Line 01 LP)
    35. Roy Ayers - Running away (Polydor 77 12")
    36. Crystal World - Crystal World (Polydor 75 LP)
    37. Iauwata - Stop (Elite 80 12")
    38. Rhythm Makers - Zone (Vigor 76 LP)

    Till the next time.
    The One Sweet Daddy (Cukipapa)

    Resident at
    'Bemsha' Notting Hill Arts Club, Tuesday's 8 till 1 with the
    Nathan Haines Band
    'Bite Your Granny' Point 101 Bar, New Oxford St, Thursday's
    9 till 2 with Nik Weston

    Mail to,
    Alan Brown
    Chase 3/200L
    125 London Wall
    EC2Y 5AJ

    Tel/Fax 020 7352 2051

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