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From: Jon Freer (jon-freer_at_excite.com)
Date: 2004-01-03 23:53:29

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    Jon Freer’s Reviews. 3rd January 2004.

    Thanks to Dom Servini, Alison Crockett, Tammy at Magnum PR, Sarah at Favouritizm, Simon S at Abstract Blue, DJ Cosmo and Dave at Inspirit…

    12” Selection…

    Alison Crockett – Alive (Wah Wah 45s)
    Cat No: WAH12001. Release Date: Mid January 2004.
    It may have taken a while, but Alison’s finest moment is finally out for all and sundry to pick up on vinyl. “Alive” is a thought provoking cut, in which she yearns for life to be like more meaningful, as sliding slovenly beats and luxurious keys back her wondrous vocals. This is backed by Yam Who’s delectable revision of “U R”, with its lively clapped percussion, pretty keys and passion drenched strings.

    Tiefschwarz – Ghosttrack (Four Music)
    Cat No: FOR 10556. Available Now.
    Turning their minds to more electrified musical pastures, Tiefschwarz resurface on the Four Music imprint. The Blackstrobe Remix is a captivating and brutal interpretation, where a hostile synth, Transylvanian horror flick style alarmed chords and confusing keys do battle. The original is inoffensive and ultimately rather forgettable, courtesy of its growling digital bass, fizzing synths and strutting electric keys.

    Osunlade feat Maiya James – Same Thing (Papa Records)
    Cat No: PAPA011. Release Date: 7th February 2004.
    Puerto Rican don Osunlade may have hung up his headphones for the foreseeable future, but if he continues to produce such spellbinding music as this, then we can forgive him for taking a breather from DJing. Maiya James provides the vocals that pray her would-be lover feels the same, as Osunlade lays down swirling digitised synths, delicious keys and a kind-hearted guitar underneath. The ‘Instrumental’ is a similarly gorgeous affair, with soft keys, thinking guitars and embracing strings.

    Break Reform – Ghosts / What Do You Do? (Abstract Blue)
    Cat No: ABR05. Available Now.
    The follow up single to their astounding debut album sees Break Reform continue to tug on heartstrings and play with emotions. “Ghosts” sees hit down percussion join teary eyed strings and plinky plonky questioning keys for a scared voyage. “What Do You Do?” is the melancholic highlight of the EP, as head nodding relaxed percussion, bass musings and a key led infectious hook underpin confusing pained vocals. The Unknown Quartet’s revision of “Metropolis” cuts up the kit percussion, while dreamy keys and an intriguing flute search for lost vocals.

    Style of Eye – Right Now! (Classic)
    Cat No: CMC22. Available Now.
    Style of Eye debut on Classic with a booty shaking swash buckling party piece. “Right Now” comes on like a souped up and half-crazed version of Joshua’s “Watch The Bass”, thanks to a wild synth, cheeky reggae style brass and incoherent vocal toasting. “Back Then” is more reserved and less appealing because of it, as wobbling keys shake over committed beats and tight synth thrusts.

    Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver present Play The Game
    (The Berlin & Paris Remixes) (Music For Freaks). Cat No: MFF12035. Release Date: 26th January 2004.
    Following hot on the heels of the US set of remixes are these from artists who reside closer to home. Neither employ the vocals quite to their full effect, but both have come up with commendable cuts (even if they don’t bear that much of a resemblance to the original!) The ‘Phil Weeks Robsoul Vocal Mix’ offers a typical stoned acid groove and crazed telephoning keys to partner her seductive vocals, while the dub chops them up as keys and beats steal the show. Stefan Goldmann’s ‘Sweep Out Mix’ lets choppy percussion and circling synths do the main work, but the elements gel better on his ‘Deep Sweep Dub’ where attention-seeking keys join in.

    Jinadu – Turning The Tide (Bitches Brew)
    Cat No: BITCH 007. Available Now.
    Appearing for the first time on the imprint since the label’s premier outing, Jinadu & Domu combine for some soul searching broken beat driven antics. Domu & Jinadu’s ‘Broken Mix’ sees marching percussion, cool keys and gliding strings partner Jinadu’s infatuated, but disappointingly slightly lacklustre vocals. Jimpster’s overhaul lets a roving analogue bass and spirit lifting keys groove alongside slow but sure beats.

    Smitty & Davenport feat Kandace – Spend The Night (Inspirit Music)
    Cat No: IML014. Available Now.
    Not known for creating sing-along vocal gems, Smitty & Davenport have re-written the script with this charming outing. “Spend The Night” lets Kandace’s expectant vocals ride atop pleasant FXed keys and forward percussion. Marques Wyatt’s re-rub adds classy retro-flavoured 90’s keys alongside strong beats, a heated bass and Kandace’s hopeful vocals.

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