[acid-jazz] The Urban Landscapes Radioshow Turns Six This Week

From: Velanche Stewart (mail_at_urbanlandscapesshow.com)
Date: 2004-01-09 09:14:21

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    The Urban Landscapes Radioshow

    Urban Landscapes hits the airwaves Friday evenings from 9-11pm PST on KCPR 91.3 FM, as well as via live mp3 streaming on the Internet at http://www.kcpr.org/.

    If you miss the live show, you can listen anytime via the Urban Landscapes web site at http://www.urbanlandscapesshow.com. The international edition of the show will be online within a few days after the live broadcast. You'll find the links at the bottom of the site's home page.

    As always, be sure to tell your friends about the show...and feel free to pass this circular on!

    Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that your holidays have been festive wherever you are in the world. Here we are in the year 2004 and getting ready for another year filled with good music, dope mixes, and much more.

    And speaking of music, I'm really excited about the good stuff that's been sent to me (or I've otherwise acquired) during the last month or so. The next two shows (6.1 & 6.2) will help me to wither down the pile, and in a good way I might add. Starting with 6.3, the Urban Landscapes Guestmix will commence at full-speed ahead. A new guestmix will be featured every other week from that point on, and let me tell you that I'm already in possession of some really dope mixes. Other guestmixes either are or will soon be in the works. More details coming soon.

    Now you must be asking "wassup with this 6.1, 6.2" thingie? As of this week's broadcast, the Urban Landscapes Radioshow is marking six years on the air. You might not know it where you are, but trust me on this one...it's been a good journey so far. Starting off its humble beginnings as a trip-hop/ambient show, it's mutated and taken on a variety of sounds. Yet, the show's roots lie with jazz and soul. With that, the number 6 is designated as the year and the .x represents the week of the show. There you have it. Your quiz will come later.

    (local event)

    After deciding to delay the event during November and December, we will soon be kicking off our monthly Soul Invasion Dance Party at the SLO Brewing Company. Mark your calendar if you are in the San Luis Obispo area for Wednesday January 28 starting at 10pm. More details are coming soon.

    Velanche's Soundscapes for January 2004
    (in no particular order)

    1.  Dave Do Gato - El Diablo/The Other Side 12" (Fluid Ounce)
    2.  Gerardo Frisina - Hi Note CD (Schema)
    3.  V/A - Required Listening CD (Do Right)
    4.  David Borsu - Monster EP (Counterpoint) CD-R
    5.  V/A - This Is How We Lounge CD (Sunshine Enterprises)
    6.  Nery Bauer - Diana By Candlelight 10" (Fluid Ounce)
    7.  Buruman - Kep Track (Flying High)
    8.  Patchworks - Immo EP 12" (Q-Tape) white
    9.  Mokadi--Chica da Içi/My Favorite Things 12" (Perfect Toy) white
    10. Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life remixes 12" (Domino)
    11. Nostalgia 77 - Rain Walk/Thing 7" (Tru Thoughts)
    12. Quant - Tryin: Gerd's 4Lux Remix (Ecco Chamber) 12" white
    13. Two Banks of Four - Three Street Worlds CD (Red Egyptian Jazz)
    14. V/A - Ennio Morricone Remixes Vol. 2 12" sampler (Compost)
    15. Frank de JoJo - Come Home Baby/Spectrum 12" (Fluid Ounce)
    16. Monta - Message From Istanbul/On The Fly EP (Citrona)
    17. V/A - SMM Vol. 1 LP (Ghostly International)
    18. TM Juke - Maps From The Wilderness CD (Tru Thoughts)
    19. V/A - Destination:Out 2 2xCD (Ecco Chamber)
    20. Damn! - Leaving This Planet: original & Yam Who Remix (Raw Fusion) CD-R
    21. DJ Zinc - Call Me 12" (white)
    22. Break Reform - New Perspectives CD (Abstract Blue)
    23. Re:Jazz - Re:Mix 3xLP (Infracom)
    24. V/A - Astor Piazzolla Remixed (Chicooligan/Milan)
    25. Franck Rogers - EP (Versatile)


    So I've been promising you my Most Recommended Music of 2003...sorry to have left y'all hangin'. As I've mentioned back in early December, 2003 wasn't quite what 2001 & 2002 were musically. Still, there were enough quality material that came through and earned thier places, and even some that I'm just starting to discover in 2004.

    Unlike last year, I haven't the time to dish out explanations on my picks..but feel free to ask or otherwise inquire if you choose to do so and I'll give you my take as best I can. And now without further ado, here are my picks for the year:

    The Most Recommended Albums
    of 2003

    Stateless The Art of No State Ubiquity
    Spacek Vintage Hi-Tech !K7
    Break Reform Fractures Abstract Blue
    Pest Necessary Measures Ninja Tune
    Two Banks of Four Three Street Worlds Red Egyptian Jazz
    Micatone Is You Is Sonar Kollektiv
    Albanek Shade of Blue Ecco Chamber
    Freaks The Man Who Lived Underground Music For Freaks
    DJ Spinna Here To There BBE/Rapster
    TM Juke Maps From The Wilderness Tru Thoughts
    Erykah Badu Worldwide Underground Motown
    The Beat Kids Open Rhythm System Uncle Junior
    Beans Tomorrow Right Now Warp
    Bassman Minimal Distraction Fabrique
    Ben Mono Dual Compost
    Al-Haca Soundsystem Inevitable Different Drummer
    Cinematic Orchestra Man With A Movie Camera Ninja Tune
    Phuturistix Feel It Out Hospital
    London Elektricity Billion Dollar Gravy Hospital
    Cuica City To City Ubiquity
    I:Cube 3 Versatile
    King Kooba Indian Summer Om
    Stark Reality Now Stones Throw
    Ursula Rucker Silver or Lead !K7
    Madlib Shades of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note Blue Note
    Forss Soulhack Sonar Kollektiv
    Matthew Dear Leave Luck To Heaven Spectral
    Zero dB Reconstruction Ubiquity
    Hipnosis Jazz Perfect Toy

    The Most Recommended Singles & EPs
    of 2003

    Hird I Love You My Friends EP DNM
    Langoth Droid Devant EP Sunshine Enterprises
    D'Nell This Thing 12" Furious Styles
    Hipnosis My Words EP 12" Perfect Toy
    Rednose Distrikt Gotta Make A Move 12" Kindred Spirits
    Quantic Soul Orchestra Stampede Remix EP 12" Tru Thoughts
    Red Astaire Follow Me/The Wildstyle 12" G.A.M.M.
    Max Sedgley Happy EP 12" Irma On Canvas
    Untitled Four Flies 12" 4Lux
    Da Lata Serious EP Palm Beats
    Izzy Dunn Fire 12" Fireworx
    Steppah Huntah Walk This Step EP 12" Compost
    RSL Wesley Music 12" Players
    Tata Vasquez Jazz Bizniz 3 Reworks EP 12" Counterpoint
    Jazzinho Yambou EP 12" Ecco Chamber
    Sean Smith The Obscene EP 12" Classic
    DJ Rels Diggin' In Brownswood 12" Stones Throw
    The Fort Knox Five The Foundation EP 12" Fort Knox
    Inverse Cinematics Shoot The Pianist EP 12" Fluid Ounce
    The Rebirth This Journey In 12" Kajmere
    Amp Fiddler Love & War EP 12" Genuine
    Flowriders Different Spaces EP 4Lux
    Bugz In The Attic
    Zombie 12"
    Lop Nor
    Eclipse EP 12"
    Ecco Chamber

    The Most Recommended Compilations
    of 2003
    Single or EP
    DJ Smash Presents Phonography 2
    Blue Note
    The Wonder of Stevie
    Ennio Morricone Remixes Vol. 1
    Astor Piazzolla Remixed
    Required Listening
    Do Right!
    Ecosystem: The Brazilian Joint
    Unify/Liquid Sky
    I Like It
    Copenhagen Dancefloor Classics II
    !K7 150
    Brazilian Beats 4
    Mr. Bongo
    Jazz Bizniz 3
    Future Sounds of Jazz 9
    Florian Keller Presents
    Creative Musicians
    Perfect Toy
    Jazzanova Remixed
    Take Me Aosis: A Nite Out In London

    Favorite Remixes
    of 2003

    Ben Mono
    Suburban Resident
    (Dharma One Remix)
    Flowriders Different Spaces
    (Gerd's 4Lux Remix)
    Greyboy Genevieve (Quantic Remix)
    Izzy Dunn
    Fire (Afronaught Remix)
    Paul Magg
    Set For Seizure
    (Wagon Cookin' Remix)

    Jazzinho Sim ou Nao
    (Eddy & Dus Kontrapunkt Mix)
    Ecco Chamber
    Hipnosis My Words featuring Marc Frank
    (Mitchell & Dewbury Remix)
    Perfect Toy
    Koop Baby (D'Malicious Remix)
    Tata Vasquez
    Suite Guarancha
    (Beatfanatic Rework)
    Da Lata Serious (Seiji Remix)
    Palm Beats
    Unforscene Tryin' (Landslide Remix)
    Wild Magnolias
    Battlefield (Joe Claussell Remix)
    Blue Note
    Ennio Morricone
    The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
    (Swell Sessioni Remix)
    Astor Piazzolla
    El Tango (Hi Perspective Remix)
    The Latin Project
    Lei Lo Lai (MAW Remix)
    Electric Monkey
    Heavenly Social
    Just Me (MFP Collective Remix)
    Fingathing Wasted Time
    (Treva Whateva Remix)
    Grand Central
    Sidewinder Less Than Effortless
    (Soulpatrol Remix)
    Quantic Off The Beaten Track
    (Carmel Remix)
    Tru Thoughts
    Sun Ra
    Satellites Are Spinning
    (Zero dB Remix)

    Fluid Ounce
    Untitled (aka Gerd)
    Four Flies (Gerd's Copy Remix)
    Beautiful (Bugz In The Attic Remix)
    Pregador Lud
    Mundo Bem Melhor
    (Drumagick Remix)
    Liquid Sky
    Gil Felix vs. Infrared
    Mr. Bongo
    Sim ou Nao (Sleepwalker Remix)
    Ecco Chamber

    Favorite Tunes
    of 2003

    Two Banks of Four
    Endlessly Red Egyptian Jazz
    Max Sedgley
    Happy Irma On Canvas
    Red Astaire
    The Wildstyle
    This Thing
    Furious Style
    Foremost Poets
    Open Season
    The Rebirth
    This Journey In
    RSL Wesley Music
    B.A.W. Collective
    Don't Stop
    Do Right!
    DJ Rels
    Diggin' In Brownswood
    Stones Throw
    Phuturistix Beautiful Hospital
    Cashbah 73
    The Way That I Am
    Mitchell & Dewbury
    Jazz Is Your Life
    Do Right!
    Top Rocking
    The Real New World
    (featuring April King)
    Lonesome Echo Production
    Love (featuring Pharoah Sanders & Apani)
    Truby Trio
    Jaleo Compost
    Anorganik featuring Sena
    Endlessly Atlas
    Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
    Che Che Cole
    I Maniaci Dei Dischi
    Per Il Disco Che Piu Amo

    For six years, Urban Landscapes has been proudly supporting quality independent music of jazzy and soulful club culture from around the world. Respect and gratitude to all the independent labels, radio promotion folks, and related entities for sharing the wonderful musical goods. The show has been doing its best  to keep it real, as the movement continues to expand its influence.

    Please feel free to send promos/musical submissions (vinyl is preferable; however, CD/CDR and minidisc are acceptable) for airplay, clubplay and review consideration to:
    Velanche Stewart
    Urban Landscapes Entertainment
    1029 Southwood Drive #D
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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    I play a choice selection of music, including funk & soul (old school & new sounds), Latin/Brazilian, soulful house, and other jazzy/soulful rump-shaking sounds. For DJ bookings, please contact me directly via email to mail@urbanlandscapesshow.com

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