Re: [acid-jazz] Kid Friendly Hip Hop

From: Nicolai H. (
Date: 2004-01-21 09:30:28

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    Yeah, Digable Planets would be excellent (dunno how hard it is to get
    records by them now). Anyway, how 'bout Ty or Five Deez? (or Prefuse could
    make them hypercative)


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    >Subject: Re: [acid-jazz] Kid Friendly Hip Hop
    >Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 12:51:19 -0800
    >Ugly Duckling, would be one, more like the Simpsons in that they have
    >several layers, but, few bad words and they're quite positive, but,
    >realistic. Maybe early De La Soul "3ft High and Rising", Diggable Planets
    >even. Even early Fresh Prince, if you can stomach it.
    >erik g
    >At 01:23 PM -0500 01/20/04, Droski, M. Ted wrote:
    >>I have a friend whose 6 year old daughter is hearing hiphop (aka Pop crap
    >>rap) on American top 40 radio stations.
    >>what good hiphop can I recommend to him that would be kid friendly?
    >>---original message -----
    >> > "Daddy, can I listen to Rap?"
    >>> Depends on what it is, but most of it is garbage.
    >>> "Well, I just like the music....I DON'T REALLY LISTEN TO THE WORDS LIKE
    >>>BITCH AND
    >>> STUFF, (and I only said *bitch* as an EXCEPTION because I know I'm not
    >>>supposed to
    >>> say it), but can I listen to it as long as I don't listen to the bad
    >>>words that I'm
    >>> not supposed to say?"
    >>> She's 6.
    >>> bob
    >>m. ted droski
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