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From: Olaf Molenveld (
Date: 2004-01-21 15:28:14

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    i don't feel that good-quality encoded MP3's sound different from CD's.....
    so that wouldn't make any difference to me....

    there are certain aspects though which make FS etc. interesting for DJ's:

    - you can use existing turntable-setup in a club where there are no or
    non-decent cd-players
    - you can bring your entire music collection on a laptop or firewire
    harddisk, you can search quickly through it using the keyboard
    - the feel of using turntables to beatmix and cue records....
    - needle-dropping and scratching...

    and last but unfortunately not least: image.... lots of people still think
    using turntables looks "cooler".....

    for me the most important aspect is: to bring a very big and wide collection
    of music with me..i was raised as a DJ in the days where you had to spin
    alone for an entire evening, and there was only vinyl...for me it's really
    heaven when i can bring so much music in such a portable package....

    also: i use CD's now, and i had several potential gigs canceled after i made
    the promoter clear i only use CD's....i guess that's the a
    FS or similar setup would enable me to be even more flexible towards
    promotors: i can use both turntables and CDJ-players if necessary...pick and's a commercial thing so to say

    furthermore i am hoping that in the future software applications with
    vinyl-control will be expanded to offer more live-performance options, f.e.
    with Rewire and VST-plugin support, and loose the
    boundaries between DJ'ing and live performance...

    don't get me wrong, i use CD's now, nothing wrong with that, also nothing
    wrong with vinyl only, but for me personally this "hybrid" approach seems
    like the best of both worlds currently..especially when 24/96 audio can be
    transfered which hopefully will sound somewhat better than CD's / MP3's

    my 2 cents..


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    > I don't mean to start any sort of debate here, but I'm kind of curious
    > something involving Final Scratch and its ilk. I spin mostly CD's, and on
    > occasion I'll take some heat for it (even though I use CDJ-1000s). From
    > what I've been seeing lately, and what I've been hearing from vinyl DJ's,
    > using Final Scratch is more acceptable (even preferable) to spinning on
    > CD's. Why is this? I understand the whole control issue, which isn't as
    > much an issue these days...but the argument for using vinyl that I always
    > hear is over sound quality - "vinyl sounds better". If this is true,
    > why go to a medium that doesn't sound anywhere near as good? Sure, hi
    > bitrate MP3's sound almost as good as CD's, but they are even less warm in
    > sound. Any comments? This is more a curiousity thing, as sometimes I get
    > bit frustrated seeing laptop DJ's get more respect than CD DJ's who are
    > as good. I am a big fan of the program, by the way.
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