[acid-jazz] kid friendly hip-hop

From: kevin cummings (n2acidjazz_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 2004-01-22 05:29:18

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    i have 2 young girls and i don't want that junk played
    around them. my girls aren't 'b_ _ es' and 'h_ s'. and
    i will take offense to anyone who refers to them that
    way. they will be told, by me, they are special. some
    music, like movies and tv shows aren't intended for
    kids and they shouldn't be exposed to it until they
    reach a level of maturity. that's just me, and i know
    i'm 'old school'. personally, i hate all ot it. some
    of the old stuff was tame, but the new hip-hop is
    useless to me.

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