[acid-jazz] RE: kid friendly hip-hop - Easy guess

From: Bob Davis (earthjuice_at_prodigy.net)
Date: 2004-01-22 14:15:23

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    Try some 1980's hip hop.
    It was fun, FUNKY, mostly positive and mostly on point.

    However you should also allow them to listen to the music of today, if for
    no other reason so that they will be ble to compare what it was to what it
    It will help lead your kids into soul/funk/jazz when they get older!

    Bob Davis
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      i have 2 young girls and i don't want that junk played
      around them.my girls aren't 'b_ _ es' and 'h_ s'.
      and i will take offense to anyone who refers to them that
      way.they will be told by me they are special.
      some music like movies and tv shows aren't intended
      for kids and they shouldn't be exposed to it until they
       reach a level of maturity.
      that's just me and i know i'm 'old school'.
      personally i hate all ot it.
      some of the old stuff was tame but the new hip-hop is

      Don't you think this statement contains some of the mysoginy we all tend
    to disagree with in modern Pop?But hey aren't all Dj a bit elitarian!!!
      I am joking( in a language that is not mine)so please do not take offense
    out of this.

      What I find amasing is that a lot of people in Europe are into this stuff
    and our cultural model is million miles far away from that proposed by those

      I would definitely add the Public Enemy to the list of required listening.


      Edwin Portillo <pma_at_xfader.com> wrote:
        this is my opinion:

        i think hip-hop will always be misinterpreted by people...especially
        what is on the radio and played on the video channels IS NOT hip-hop.

        it's pop music

        for some reason the media likes to focus on the negative and not the
        positive...form your own theories as to why that is.

        i understand the frustrations of censoring your children especially
        they can watch people get shot and watch things get blown up on
        television...even cartoon characters beat each other up.

        to find positive hip-hop you have to turn the radio and TV off and
        do some digging...

        i suggest starting here


        a lot of artists allow sandbox to post long clips of their music and
        it's up to you as a parent to decide if you want them to listen to the
        abst! ract stuff...or the soulful stuff...or the super scientifical
        the jazzy stuff...the reggae influenced stuff...the turntablist stuff...

        the list goes on and on as how many sub genres have been created now.
        some examples have been citied like de la, uglyd, quannum...

        check labels like stones throw for quality music as well.

        DJ projects from Kid Koala, the xecutioners, dj shadow stuff are also

        check new artists like pigeon john and old and new stuff from the
        heiroglyphics crew and freestyle fellowship.


        king selector pma

      Zerogravity,audiovisuals for the post Jazz generation.

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