Re: [acid-jazz] the future distribution of kid's hip hop...

From: Peter Nicholson (
Date: 2004-01-29 01:25:09

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    I'm hoping there's some sarcasm there, t-bird?

    His last album was also released through Virgin. I think, particularly
    with this one which I've heard is less out-there and in a relatively
    accessible soul/ r n' b style, IG probably hopes that people other than
    those on this list get to hear/buy his music. I recently talked with
    Jeremy Ellis (Ayro) whose album (according to the label, Omoa) has not
    yet been officially released. Despite the fact that there was a
    release party for it last fall. Despite the fact that 500 copies were
    sold through Groove Dis. Omoa told me last week they hope to "release"
    it in 2-3 weeks.

    This is NOT to slam Omoa in any way. It is their first album ever.
    They certainly mean well, but don't have the money and/or experience to
    get it out properly.

    I think if electroniclovefunk had been signed to Virgin, we might be
    hearing that shit on the radio. And Ellis would have a much easier
    time paying his bills.

    my $.02

    On Wednesday, January 28, 2004, at 03:50 PM, t-bird wrote:

    > --- scatanzaro4 <> wrote:
    >> Ps anyone heard New Sector Movements latest, now
    >> that they're on Virgin?
    > <shakes fist> why did ig sell out, man? why, why,
    > why???
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