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Tue, 24 Oct 1995 11:33:13 -0400 (EDT)

It's Jalal. It's a concept LP (on Douglas records) of "Lightnin Rod" going
to the "Hustler's Convention" and all the shit him Sport, Spoon, and others
go through. The music was by Kool & The Gang, Eric Gale, King Curtis,
Bernard Purdie, Bobby Matos, Gerry Thomas (Fatback) and many other heavies.
It's a pimp story thing (vivid descriptions of the Convention, the pimps,
the bitches, the fights, the money etc) rapped in the Last Poets style. The
Original hiphop creators say that this LP started all mutherfuckers in the
Bronx on the "rap" (trash talkin' like a hustler or a slick dude in
prison). It is mind blowing especially when you realise the importance of
it. There is another "Lightnin Rod" record with Jimi Hendrix reissued on
Celluloid about 10 years ago.
>On the topic of KOOL AND THE GANG, does anyone have or heard stuff by a group
>LIGHTNING ROD? As far as I've heard, they were a collaboration between KOOL
>AND THE GANG and some members of THE LAST POETS back in 1973. Has anyone
>heard any of their stuff? What's it like? I would expect it to be quite
>a mind-blowing group given the collaboration and the year (same year
>KOOL AND THE GANG came out with their classic LP "Wild And Peaceful").
>> of Polygram (? I think). This sub. has put out some re-releases from George
>> Benson and Wes Montgomery as well and they're usually priced really
>>cheap (the
>> Kool & the Gang I got for $7.99 new!). As for the De-Lite! collection,
>>I keep
>> hearing that they will reissue, but no go yet.
>> --Jon
>> Heya,
>> Don't know if these are reissues of their old records or not, but two recent
>> Kool and the Gang releases I've heard of are Hollywood Swinging and New
>> York City Cool. They're on small labels I hadn't heard of before, so I'm
>> guessing their reissues.
>> anthony

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