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>Subject: Cassius/Daft Punk
>Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 21:26:32 +0200
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>>Ok, Breaking Boundaries and Messing Up Headz, from La Funk Mob, they've
>>got a new one out Cassius "1999" that some great funky french house,
>>hopefully Daft Punk will wither away
>Whoa! I think I need to comment on what seems like a Daft Punk dis
>without any proper justifications..
>While it's true that Daft Punk have had a lot of attention while
>Philippe Zdar/Cassius stuff has remained underground, I don' think that
>Cassius material is in essence any stronger than Daft Punk's. Let's just
>that hope that the Daft Punk guys will come up with the goods again like
>they did with their album two years back (and Stardust in '98).
>I know it's easy to dis somebody just because they're overexposed (I
>noticed myself doing the same with Cassius when I first saw the video),
>but you gotta face the fact that just about EVERY artist that gets major
>MTV airplay also gets overexposed because showing everything 20 times a
>day their mode of operation. My advise is: forget MTV and listen to
>music. ;-)

Ahh, execept I did listen. I made the mistake of buying "homework" after
it got hyped on this list. I was thourghly dissapointed. I kept putting
it in and listening to it, but, it just struck me a pretty bland. Maybe if
I was on the dance floor I might get into it. Cassius is just more fun. I
like the more funky-jazzy flavor that I've come to like from the French
house I like, see F Communications. But, I do hope we hear more from La
Funk Mob (any good MC Solaar mixes still around?).

erik g

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