reply to On The One disclamer
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 13:14:49 -0400

Hi folks this is DJ CHILLFREEZ and I spin at METROSONIC in NYC. It is
unfortunate that we are receiving so much grief from On The One for this
little miscommunication. When the idea of this progressive new night was in
its infancy we were approached by On The One's supposed New York City
representative who asked if they (On The One Magazine) could be involved on a
regular basis. We were very pleased that On The One wanted to be involved, A
meeting was held within the same week where decisions were made quickly.
Unfortunately there representative missed this meeting. Being that we were
working with a timing factor a large amount of passes were made up the very
next day, very expensive passes I might add. As the days went by and the
party kicked in On The One's New York Rep was suddenly the invisible man.
Believe me when I say that I have nothing but respect for this publication I
am even a contributor on a somewhat regular basis we had no intention of
using their logo for props,attention or recognition we command that on our
own here in New York. So let it be known all across the land if you have a
METROSONIC flyer in your hand that ON The One Magazine has nothing to do with
this party and never did end of story. Now throw out the old one's and keep a
look out for the new revised flyers which will read
"METROSONIC every Monday night at Den Of Thieves 145 east Houston St. NYC
Between first and second avenues where we kick the

PS. Too the ON The One Staff we acknolage your concerns and we have acted so
please put this to rest. The scene in witch we dwell is to small to get into
mud slinging contests and in the long run it hurts us all....

Peace and unity for eternity CHILLFREEZ