Re: Metrosonic Y'all!
Tue, 01 Aug 95 10:51:38 PST

Hello to everyone who has received this message.
This is Paul Craven co-publisher of On The One magazine.
If you have seen the flier for Metrosonic in NY you would have noticed the On
The One logo which was illegally placed on the flier. Please understand that we
have no association with Metrosonic,Den of Theives,or anyone else involved with
this event.On The One is editorially based in San Francisco and we do host
clubs here in SF as well as release parties throughout the US with various
promoters selected by On The One only.

Paul Craven
On The One
Subject: Metrosonic Y'all!
Date: 7/31/95 5:31 PM

I just wanted to send out props to those involved in Metrosonic Mondays
at Den of Theives in NYC. I was out there back in June (from Toronto) and
hooked up with Lo-Ki and he got me and a couple of my hostel-buds to go
and check out......a wicked vibe for a Monday nite......this CANUCK gives
it a BIG-UP!!!

keep the peas yall!