shameless plug & some pertinent questions

Bubblicious Chicoine (
Tue, 01 Aug 95 21:19:15 0400

What up to the acid jazz headz, this is Bubblicious out of Ann Arbor,
deep Michigan. Just wanted to shamelessly plug some shit going on out
here- Saturdays late 404 Willis, Detroit ("Space Loungin'" mad melange
of all things dedicated to being deep and not artificial), WCBN 88.3
AnnArbor Thursday nights @1am-3am (ditto), and check out a hip-hop mag
coming out of this way called Underground Soundz- some good interviews
and record reviews of some jazzy shit + an interesting article on the
"modern jazz momentum".
Just so I won't be another shallow motherfucker using this mailing
list as a just a promotional opportunity, who has something to say about
this music, something substantive? Not where so and so is appearing, not
what clubs are happening (yes, I am openly guilty of this), not where
this sample came from, but what is happening with the music we call
"acid jazz"? It seems to have started as a rebirth of jazz appreciation,
and has since bloomed into a global movement. Has the jazz in "acid
jazz" been somehow eliminated by certain key players in this movement
(or put another way, is say "trip-hop" devoid of what we consider to be
a jazz element?)? What directions lie in store for the music? the
movement? Can the music some of us structure our habits, ideas, and
beliefs around somehow transcend the bounds of music for others? What
kind of vibe does acid jazz portray and is this transferrable to the way
we think about ourselves, about others, and about our world as a whole?
Sorry if this is getting a bit thick, but I really think that we need
to address questions like this, as we are a community of concious minded
music lovers. We have the ability to speak and share ideas with each
other, so why not take full advantage of this oppotunity? Speak your
mind- if this isn't just a fad, then what is it???? Peace-