Gregory B Beuthin (
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 17:13:36 -1000

I'm audi like civil rights in CA.... ;-)

Anyway, it's been brilliant. Much props to the people keeping it real- you
know who you are. When I make my first album, I'll name y'all. ;-) S.F.
is gonna be *real*, Europe is going to be a blast. Peace, and keep the
vibe alive.

One last set of props to the locals keeping it real:

DJ Steve of Groove Inc. A phat, cool Indonesian brother who'll style you
out if you come here. Give him a call (he said it was OK): (808) 536-0227

Jon Jung (aka the Commander): Bringing you the original funk jazz every
Monday 6-9 pm at KTUH (90.3 FM)

Mr E: aka Redbeard, aka one half of One Ton Productions, catch his
rap,jazz and funk show every Thrusday 9-12 KTUH(90.3 FM).

The Bassdads, Jamal, Hoomanakaz, DJ Manifest, Caffe Valentino- PEACE!


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