Re: Cool stores/clubs in (insert city) messages

William Jon Curtis (
02 Aug 95 18:15:54 EDT


There's been a lot of criticism of people on the list using it to find out about
things happening in other cities. Whether this criticism is tongue in cheek or
not, I see nothing wrong with us communicating with one another over what's
happening in other parts of the world. I know that if I was going to be
travelling to a far away city, I'd be certainly using the list to find out the
haps. How about you?

The information presented on the web sites are fine (such as the club listing on
the Acid Jazz Server and the store listing on Massive Brings) but we all know
this information gets outdated quickly. The AJ Server's club listing for Miami
is certainly inaccurate, for example (the club scene there changes radically by
the month).

And, as a store owner/magazine publisher/record label co-owner these 'what's
happening' posts are very informative and save me some research. I always take
notes when these posts appear, and use the 'club/store of the moment' messages
to help out my promo and magazine distribution lists. Other folks in the
industry probably take note of these as well, or definitely should.

So, don't knock the "where do I go in (city here)?" posts. I feel they create
good networking between us, and are informative as well. And if anyone wants to
know what to do in Florida, I'll be there to help out right away.


Michael Donaldson