New WWWs

Paul E. Lopes (
Thu, 3 Aug 95 12:36 EDT

Here are two new web sites that you may find useful or interesting (see the
locations below)

SOUL CHOICE: This is a Canadian record pool that specializes in hiphop,
r&b, soul-jazz and some jungle and house. I assists SC as the soul-jazz
co-ordinator. It is the largest pool of it's type in Canada.

Advisory/Play De Record: Play De Record is a Toronto record store that sell
the latest dance music, from Hip Hop to Soca, from Acid Jazz to Jungle and
all stops in between. The location below is for the hot 25 Acid Jazz picks,
which includes a mail order form.

Send in feedback, if you feel the urge to surge!

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Paul E. Lopes

Play De Record:
Massive Brings:
Soul Choice: