Re: Photek

Fri, 4 Aug 1995 09:31:02 +1000

> PS - any naughty people playing 45rpm drum n bass 12s at 33 ???

yep, im still playing that Kushti track 'Stromboli' at 33 (+8), even
though i got a few funny comments from ppl on this list and other local DJ's.
at 45, the speed of the track totally ruins the melody. at 33, it's a
nice swinging speed and i find it mixes in well with most funky tracks,
and it's a good way to play jungle at a jazz funk club without going into
full on drun and bass.. it's also a nice to track to begin branching off
into a brazillian bracket..

Shannon 'Frenzie' Briggs
Spinning Wheel