Re: bootlegging - my thoughts.
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 23:02:22 -0400

As for bootlegging a DJ's performance, please ponder this point: If Paul
Winley hadn't done it back in '82, Afrika Bambaata's DEATH MIX wouldn't exist
and those of us who were in 3rd grade when it was recorded would never know
how brutally Jazzy Jay could fuck with a beat. And that would be a terrible
shame. Also consider many old-school tapes of the Cold Crush Brothers,
Masterdon Committee and others, which are still traded to this day. The
records that these groups made were great but never equalled the intensity of
their live shows.

So... bootlegging of this nature is CRUCIAL to reminding people who care that
hip hop used to be a live medium. I highly doubt that the Wu Tang Clan or
Biggie Smalls would stand much of a chance of beating Grand Wizard Theodore
and The Fantastic Five Freaks in an MC battle, even if they had a year or two
to practice.

Keep it real.

Bri Ski C