Re: HELP: My vinyl's been ruined!

Gerry Villareal (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 02:07:58 -0800

Damn, I'd be bummed too. Some record covers I love just as much (sometimes
even more) than the vinyl within.

You might have to clean the vinyl too. You can try calling the Needle
Doctor below for some professional tips. And call Bags Unlimited for blank
jackets and sleeves, and whatever else you might need.

Good luck!

Gerry Villareal

Massive Brings

>From the Archival Supplies page at Massive Brings (you knew I was gonna
plug, huh?)

Bags Unlimited
7 Canal St., Rochester, NY 14608
800-767-2247 toll free, 716-436-9006 phone, 716-328-8526 fax
Storage bags and boxes for all formats of music and magazines.

Needle Doctor, Jerry Raskins
419 - 14th Ave. S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55414
800-229-0644 toll free, 612-378-0543 phone, 612-378-9024 fax
Full range of record care products.