Re: Michael Franti and "cool shop" posts.

Dino! (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 11:07:29 -0800

I was fortunate enough to catch the Spearhead show at the recent Phoenix
festival in England and Franti said be on the lookout for a new Disposable
album next year. The whole crowd was like "What the hell?" as Franti has
said, more than once I believe, that he didn't enjoy his time in
Disposables as that wasn't the real him (the real him is the Spearhead
Franti apparently.) All the same, Spearhead put on a great show and Franti
was definetly packed with energy (he was one of the few artists who
actually ingnored the ultra-tight security to get down and mix it with the
crowd a bit.) Franti also said that a new Spearhead album will follow soon
after the new Disposables release.

Be on the lookout for more detailed reviews of Phoenix and all the other
stuff I discovered in England and France in forthcoming "Dino in Europe
posts". I jyust need some time.

Now weighing into the "cool shops" debate, as many would know I am one of
the guiltiest parties for posts of this nature. I have tthree points to
make with regards to this.

Number One: I have always made it clear in my subject headings *exactly*
what the post regards. If the post doesn't interest you simply delete it.
*Don't* bitch about it.

Number Two: Being tied into these stores by others often leads to
discoveries of my own and then I can bring this info back to the list for
te general good of everyone in that region.

Number Three: Like someone else said, the technology is there so why not
use it? We have this massive source of information (the internet,) and so
why the hell wouldn't I (and others,) use it to gather information? I'd be
foolish not to. The a-jazz list has 300 plus people on it right? Many of
these are DJs and musicians and turned on to various "hot spots". As I
said I'd be a fool not to ask. Why stumble blindly around some city when I
can go in there with a reasonably comprehensive list on where to go?

And as the same person said, if I was living in a city like London or San
Fran I'd be happy to help out anyone with info. (As it is, I live in
Hobart, Tasmania. There's no record-stores and no decent night-clubs.)

My $.02.

Michal the Milkman
(415) 328-2124