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Spotted on the IDM list. Flamethrower (engaged). Power (on).


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Date: Sat, 5 Aug 1995 01:31:57 -0400
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>I hate this kind of statement. So if a jazz musician likes acid-jazz they
>are disrespectful? How? If you mean it, back it up, or kindly note that
>it is just your own opinion, instead of slagging off an entire musical
>genre like that.

Jazz is about the real feeling/energy made by free styling, improv musicians
and the synchonisty between several improv players to bring out a fat,
cold/cool groove with depth, IMO. More than 90% of the 'acid-jazz' I've
heard(and I'm exposed to it quite often) is nothing more than pre-programed
sampled beats, samples of jazz looped to a beat and at most someone playing
some sort of solo(usually some form of saxaphone). What live/improv feeling
is there in that? Maybe I'm just too much of a snob purest? Who knows... I'd
like to think I'm open minded... I just dont think 'acid jazz' is true to
jazz's nature and roots.

Good jazz? Thelonius Monk, Sun Ra, Charles Hayword, Dizzy Gilepsie, Charlie
Parker, Angello Badalamenti...

I'll go crawl in some hole and breed now!

dave wright
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:) -hope I'm not offending too many people- :(