Re: i got it (fwd)

Joe Spaeth (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 16:39:29 -0700

> Jazz is about the real feeling/energy made by free styling, improv musicians
>and the synchonisty between several improv players to bring out a fat,
>cold/cool groove with depth, IMO. More than 90% of the 'acid-jazz' I've
>heard(and I'm exposed to it quite often) is nothing more than pre-programed
>sampled beats, samples of jazz looped to a beat and at most someone playing
>some sort of solo(usually some form of saxaphone). What live/improv feeling
>is there in that? Maybe I'm just too much of a snob purest? Who knows... I'd
>like to think I'm open minded... I just dont think 'acid jazz' is true to
>jazz's nature and roots.
> Good jazz? Thelonius Monk, Sun Ra, Charles Hayword, Dizzy Gilepsie, Charlie
>Parker, Angello Badalamenti...

Most acid-jazzers like many different kinds of music (not only acid-jazz).
I happen to also like other forms of jazz, etc.

But for people who cannot get passed what's been done in the past (you may
call yourselves jazz purists), maybe you shouldn't think of acid jazz as
being jazz...and move on and enjoy it for whatever you think it is.