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Thu, 10 Aug 1995 16:44:10 -0700 (PDT)

Just so you all know - I did not write this original post - It
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Kevin Farnham
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On Thu, 10 Aug 1995, Jonathan Hurwitz wrote:

> Hey Atlantis23 -
> I saw your message,and I must emphatically disagree with you.
> This line of thinking has been gaining incredible ground over the last few
> years, combined with an anti-technology theme. This argument, is of
> course, is groundless - Sun Ra (who you name as 'good stuff') used also
> sorts of freaky freaky shit - including pre programmed stuff.
> This same arguement was used DECADES ago in relation to several new
> innovations in jazz that "purists" said were ruining jazz. First, the
> electric guitar. People would boycott shows because artists were bringing
> these carzy futuristic instruments into their bands and orchestras. Oh, the
> HORROR! Along the same lines - amplification! As technology progressed,
> jazz "purists" preferred soloists in front of stationary mics, in classic
> jazz poses. Miles Davis called this "boring old fashioned shit" - and
> Atlantis23 you are old fashioned for taking this view anti acid-jazz
> stance. Even Miles was decrying the present state of jazz towards the end
> of his life.
> Have you ever seen someone use two turntables to mix something up? The
> beats may be "pre-programmed" but the DJ uses incredible improvisation
> skills to make it sound new and exciting.
> All live acid jazz bands off the top of my head:
> Greyboy All-Stars, Brand New Heavies, JT Quartet, Charlie Hunter Trio, etc.
> Make way for the new generation, one that reveres the old school while
> embracing the future. If everyone was like you, we would all still be
> grooving to Jellyroll Morton...
> - Jonathan