Re: Didgeridoo grooves?

Ben List (
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 02:36:41 +0900

At 9:20 AM 95.8.14 -0700, 'Chris' Robert Mills wrote:

> Also, I'm kind of into the Mondo Grosso cut on Rebirth of Cool
>vol 2, "Tree, Air And Rain On The Earth." Anyone heard any of their other
>stuff, in particular the Invisible Man import. Thirty bills for that one
>at my local Tower, but if it's got more of that Brazilian groove I'm all


Its not bad, but its just three mixes of the same track + one or
two new tracks. NOT worth $30. Seriously, this group hasn't released
anything new of note in years (just a long string of remix albums and
a concert album). A producer friend tells me that they are notorious
for being unable to create new material.

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