Re: Didgeridoo grooves?

William Jon Curtis (
14 Aug 95 21:25:42 EDT

Not to blow my own horn (oops- no pun intended) but a track I was involved in
with Dubmarine features a live didgeridoo in a strange "back in time" breakdown
of the jazzy hip hop song. As a bit of trivia for the few on this list who know,
this instrument was played by a hanger on of the On-U wannabe conman Bodhi as
Bodhi himself schemingly watched on in the studio. Yikes.

Anyway, this Dubmarine track is called "Feel The Sauce" and will appear on the
Eighth Dimension compilation LP MIXED EMOTIONS, due the week of August 22nd, and
on a ragga-jazz compilation on C&S Records, due out sometime this decade.

PEACE to y'all....

Michael Donaldson

P.S. The Last Poets are on tour... absolutely be sure to catch them, especially
if you've never seen them before. They were the total BOMB in Orlando last
weekend. Turns out the one Poet's nephews live in Orlando... the 2 of them
delivered some verses to DJ BMF's beats before the Poets hit the stage. Not bad,
we may hear from them someday, y'know.