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Tue, 15 Aug 1995 12:04:49 +0900

S'up fellas!

A record company I am designing for has asked me to try to
put together a comprehensive list of DJs (radio, club) and
publications active on the Acid Jazz list for the purpose of
sending out demos of some of their newer releases. I highly
recommend you do this. This company is responsible for
originally producing "Jazz Hip Jap," "Krush" and some of
the first fine releases on Bellissima Records. After a period
of restructuring, they've begun producing again and recently
they've discovered THE NEW SHIT! You heard it here. blah blah

At any rate. Anyone whose interested in receiving some
promos (this includes the many of you I already know), please
provide the following info:

DJ Name (if applicable):
Real Name (if applicable):
Events / Shows / Publication Affiliations:


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At 8:59 AM 95.8.14 -1000, Jon Jung wrote:
(swing swing swing)
>ni Iwaserya" (english: "If I had My Say"). Better production, better beats,
>better raps. Since Japan has no sampling/copyright laws regarding American
>artists (yet!), it was quite amazing to hear two, four, eight bars sampled
>multiply into a groove and not being able to look up the sources (though Mommy
>D, one of the group, gave me sources for each). The best international hip-hop
>album I've heard.
Word is that a certain sample made overly famous by De La Soul sample
costs something like $4,000 to use...
S'Funny. I saw Mummy-D the other night and he said that when he went
to Hawaii, he visited his friend at the radio station and met you and
you mentioned my name. We tend to take this all for granted, but he was
apparently shocked to hear my name come out of the blue.

>Mellow Yellow's album is a little less interesting but shows promise. Kind of
>goofier with a slightly off-production, at times reminds me of Pharcyde. I
>have to listen to this one more as it didn't grab me at first.
Yup. "Pharcyde" is a common comparison. Mummy-D produced 70% of that album,
so the music is all fat, even the self-produced and very "live" track with
none other than Cool Spoon. The raps, are delivered well, but lyrically the
group doesn't go out on much of a limb.

>Both of these albums are on File Records which is sort of a major-independent
>(kind of an oxymoron).
a common pattern here. Large Record company wants to reap the profits
of a genre they don't want to be directly associated with, so they
invest a little in the company, put up a little (very little) money for
production and "guarantee," and advertise a little (very little) and do
some pretty effective distribution. In this case, File is covered by Sony.

>They'll be difficult to find in import sections without
>special order but aren't scarce as both are on the Indie Top 10 in Japan.
Sony distribution. Incidentally, these charts are based 90% on sales
in Tokyo alone, since indie records/cds never make it to the countryside,
etc. If anyone actually wants to buy these on CD (File rarely produces
vinyl), let me know and I'll try to hook you up.

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