Random notes from Vancouver

Luke McKeehan (Luke_McKeehan@mindlink.bc.ca)
Tue, 15 Aug 95 11:51 PDT

The List has been a bit slow lately so I thought I'd post a few notes as the
summer has been pretty busy.

Mo' Funk is still going strong into the fall of 95 with shows by The Last
Poets, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, The Greyboy Allstars and hopefully the
Jazzmatazz tour. The Vancouver scene has become pretty competitive with two
or three gigs to choose from almost every night! When we started there were two.
As well, a lot of local bands are starting to get there shit together and we
will be releasing a compilation featuring them and some other artists this
fall on Mo' Funk. Soul Jungle is starting to finally make some inroads in
this typically laid-back region and the first night featuring this music
begins this week called "Jazzmin". Look also for a west-coast tour featuring
Vancouver and Seattle DJ's further down the coast.

Tunes we like: Goldie/Timeless Lp (FFRR), Beamish & Fly/Stoaked Ep (Delancey
St.), Karma/high priestess, the best has yet to come (Mind The Gap) ***this
is the shit***, Show&AG/Next Level Premier mix (Payday), Luke Viebert/A
Polished Solid EP (Mo' Wax).

Anyone got some juice? Keep in touch.
Luke McKeehan