Eighth Dimension compilation

Marc Wright (marc@iccu6.ipswichcity.qld.gov.au)
Wed, 16 Aug 1995 21:28:01 +1000

>Anyway, this Dubmarine track is called "Feel The Sauce" and will appear on the
>Eighth Dimension compilation LP MIXED EMOTIONS, due the week of August
22nd, and
>on a ragga-jazz compilation on C&S Records, due out sometime this decade.
>PEACE to y'all....
>Michael Donaldson

Hiya Michael,

Is the Eighth Dimension compilation going to be available on CD? If your
sample cassette is anything to go by (and I imagine it would be), this'll be
one grooovy album. Can you give me some idea of what's on it? (Pimp Daddy Nash?)