Gibo (
Wed, 16 Aug 1995 18:22:31 -0500 (CDT)

> On another a-jazz tip - what exactly is the deal with Jamiroquoi anyway, the
> first and only time I ever checked them out at Bimbo's in S.F. two years ago,
> I walked out of the show I was so disappointed. Maybe they've changed a lot
> or maybe I just didn't get it. It sounded like a lot of old funk rehashed
> and served up imported. That's the only band I keep hearing about on the
> list that I just don't follow.
I share your mystification. Jamiroquai, from what I've heard, are more
or less as original as MC Hammer. damn - my first post to list and it's
flame bait. <shrug>

actually, I'm a little confused about this list in general. when I first
heard "Cantaloop" I thought it was acid jazz -- however, a closer
listening and it seemed far too repetitive for that label. is it just me
or does acid jazz imply a colescing of the live, responsive and "deep"
jazz approach with the structures and intentions of dance music (e.g.,
making you shake your ass on the d floor)? what I always thought, anyway.

giles bowkett

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