Jamiroquai (was re:Groove Collective)

Tim G. Wagner (v134lskm@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu)
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 03:38:51 -0400

All of this J.K. talk is beside the point, no matter how good Stuart Zender
is as a bassist (and I agree he is amazingly solid), the songwriting is so
bland it is impossible to take. I loved the live show (2 years ago!) so
much more because then they only had one album and had to play alot of
( like Gil Scott-Heron's "The Bottle").

Anyway, in defense of J.K. it does have the "right sound" for background
music for a party or something. Also, it's alot better then Lenny Kravitz
(and those other terrible retro-types, The Brand New Somethings).

Anyway, that's my two cents,
I promise never to be this negative again, I've been working the graveyard
shift (11pm to 6am) at the Jazz Station I work at here in Buffalo for two

Peace and Love (and all that)

Tim From Buffalo