Gerald Molumby (
Thu, 17 Aug 95 11:05:57 PDT


Herbie Hancock - so that's who does it. Is that Post-Headhunters?
Funny, I've been trying to track this 1 down for ages too.
Unfortunately it dosen't appear on the soundtrack to the show, you get
the theme music and other kids songs but not the counting song. Do you
remember the piece of animation that used to roll with it. The pinball
machine where the ball travelled over & under all these obstacles with
numbers on them? And the best part was when it got to 12. This girls
voice used to say GO! and a big green go-sign would flash up on the
screen for a second before the counting started again - so fkn funky!

So where is this track? It must be on some album out there, anybody know?

Gerry @ Dublin
From: Ashwin Tumne <>
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Date: Wednesday, August 16, 1995 10:16AM

Speaking of the Junkyard Band a.k.a. Herbie Hancock, I heard that he also
wrote two songs for Sesame Street: The one that goes "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 Doo Doodoo Doodoodoo Doo Doodoo Doodoodoo Doo Doodoo Doo Doo Doodoo..."