Re: Samplers? FISH IN THE HOUSE.......

fogcity (
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 16:48:05 -0700


Good suggestions Gerry! Here's another hard sell.....

One new sampler that has been getting a lot of attention lately is the
E-mu ESI-32. It's a rackmount sampler with expandable memory up to 32
megs (384 seconds/stereo at 44.1). If you are at all familiar with E-mu,
you will recognize them as the makers of the ever-popular SP-1200
sampling drum machine, and the industy-standard EIII sampler (starts at

The ESI-32 sells for around $1200.00 (retail) with 2 megs, and is
upgradable from there. If you need a SCSI connection, it is available
for roughly $200.00.

The ESI-32 does everthing that you would want a sampler to do. It has EQ,
time compression/expansion, aural exciter, auto panner, and even 3-D
sound placement.

WHO USES IT, THOUGH? Well, if your into hip hop, Dr. Dre just bought 2,
and Q-tip of Tribe just bought 1 from Sam Ash Music (Manhattan). I would
assume that those guys have the budget for anything.........

Oh yeah, I own one too, and love it!