Fat Sesame Etc. (Was Groove Collective)

Thu, 17 Aug 95 22:36:10 EDT

On the ever interesting topic of TV stuff from my younger years, What about
Sanford & Son? that TV theme was Waaay funky. I think it was Written by Quincy
Jones, but I could be wrong. please pardon the list.

Other favorites with funky or otherwise interesting music. (a partial list)

1. The price is right (Reminds me of Corduroy High Havoc)
2. Good Times (DYNOMITE!)
3. Hawaii 5-0
4. CHiPs
5. The Gong Show

feel free to add to this list, preferably with themes containing Horns, and
guitar that goes "Wacka-Chicka-Wacka-Chicka"

Peas and Carrots,