Re: Slagging off Bands!!

Ben List (
Fri, 18 Aug 1995 12:31:14 +0900

At 6:00 PM 95.8.17 -0400, wrote:

>3. Mondo Grosso........any one know if the Deutsche-japanese outfit ever
>planning to tour...........(and for anyone who knows only their name from
>complilations try "Mondo Grosso etc...." it's quite simply the funkiest acid
>jazz album out there.......


They came an went on a European tour recently. I can't answer for where they
went and the nature of the tour, but since their works get next to zero
distribution in the states (well... better than some though), they probably
won't be touring there anytime soon. While we're on the bashing slant,
this band has only released about 3 or 4 new tracks within the last 3 years
or so (not counting the Kyoto Jazz Massive album which includes work by
band members). Also, I'll support the non-Japanese rapper in a Japanese
band, but B-Bandj makes me cringe whenever he opens his mouth (this is
a common pattern in AJ innit...). The Japanese lack of sense for English
can be rather frustrating, but in this case this has crossed over to their
selection of rappers...

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