RE: Mo' Wax

Kumaran, Ranjith (Ranjith.Kumaran@Cognos.COM)
Fri, 18 Aug 1995 12:58:17 -0600

>I've only got one album on the Mo' Wax label - the compilation album
>'Headz'. Can anyone tell me if this is typical of the sort of music Mo' Wax
>has? For my liking, it's a bit too slow and dreary. (please don't flame me
>to death), but Mo' Wax has such a reputation, I was wondering if they also
>cover similar styles?

As far as the hip hop stuff on Mo' Wax goes, the music does tend to be very
chill and the tempos slow. Not to say that this is a bad thing. My
personal favourites on Mo'
Wax are the La Funk Mob "Breaking Boundaries...", UNKLE's "The time has
ep", and the recent "A Whim ep" by Krush/Shadow. And there's a lot of good
in between.
Other excursions have been made into techno and jungle.

>The sort of music I'm looking for is like the Ninja Tune label - acts like
>Funki Porcini and 9 Lazy 9. I like the sounds of Portishead and Massive
>Attack, but, looking for stuff not quite as well-known. I've justed ordered
>the Red Snapper album 'Reeled & Skinned' from overseas, but have never
>of Red Snapper - have I bought a dud? Also, stumbled onto the Earthling
>album - WOW! I don't usually like rap sorta vocals, but this is just the
>wikkidist, trippy, chilled out, grooooovy sorta shit!! Glad I bought that

The Wagon Christ album "Throbbing Pouch" reminded me a lot of the Ninja Tune
sound. There are some good tracks on it, but a lot of it is loopy and is
better for mixing over top. I picked up the Red Snapper myself when I saw
the name Alan Riding on it. His previous project, 8UP ("Lie Down and Stay
Calm", Soul Jazz Records), was one of my favourites of last year. Reeled
and Skinned has some killer tracks on it, but I found it inconsistent. Then
I came across a record by Hookian Mindz called "Freshmess." This one I like
through and through. A fabulous blend of minimalist trippy acid jazz and a
couple of remixes that are equally good.