let's get a bit more electronic :)

Nicolas Bamberski (nib@frame.com)
Fri, 18 Aug 95 14:08:23 CDT

At 01:26 PM 8/18/95 -0400, JonnyHV@aol.com wrote:
>Red Snapper is really mellow stuff, good for stoning.........I'm hearing alot
>about it because I think the distributors have done agodd job and the
>packaging get people interested.....kind of monotonous but as i said good

mmmh, the Red Snapper 12" that came out a few months ago didn't sound that
mellow to me. Way faster than their "snapper" track released previously
(now, that one was chill). By the way, if you're into this kind of
electronic music, I would still recommend the good ol' "Dopes On Plastic"
compilation on React Jazz rec. I have it on vinyl, but have seen it on CD
too (for all you traitors :P ).

Actually a couple of months ago I bought a 10" on Dopes On Plastic Records,
a gold limited edition of HITASHI (or is it KITASHI?). Anyway, a very solid
10" if you are into phat electronic hip-hop beats. I had a couple of MCs
having a very good time over it at a recent gig.

what else? lemme think. oh yeah the Freaknicks 12" that I got from BadMood.
Very cool, can't really describe it cauz I've mostly played track A1, which
is a killer mid-tempo (well, 93-94bpm) with a nice country touch to it
(armonica?) and that fits like a glove on Depth Charge's "Poison Clan"
(track B2 of the legend of the golden snake EP on D.C rec.).

talking about DC's legend of the golden snake, also got that nasty 10" with
mix number 2 on it. I like that mix better, and shit the cover art is so
nasty and tasteless it's one of my fav. :) especially since it glows in the
dark (list member & friend Mark Bowen pointed that out to me. hey Mark, what
were you doing in the dark with that cover in the first place? hiding it
form celia? :)

oh, and anybody got that new "If Cocaine Is a Lady, then Freebasing is a
Bitch" on Walls Of Sound? very much Depth Charge like in its beats and samples.

and give a listen to the new Dual Tone on Depth Charge label, DC rec. more
electronic acidic mid-tempo stuff. I even think that I recognize an
addictive sample from an old 87 Bomb The Bass record (you know, that synth
saw-like sound that came right after "the names have been changed to protect
the innocents").

what else... Patrick Pulsinger rules! the Claire EP on Mo'Wax Excursions In
Techno is very good. That track I think on the N.Tone compilation is not bad
at all, but best is that the A track of the FREE 7" that came with
P.Pulsinger's EP on Cheap Records a coupla months ago. very acidic, perfect
mix tool (lotsa acid before the bass line kicks in before the drums kick in,
and same in reverse on the way down, gotta love it!).

Last, the AtomSmasher EP (don't remember the label). If I was gonna call
something good tr*p-h*p (which I won't :), that would be one of them. 100+
bpms of breakdancin' groove.

pfeeew, haven't been contributing much lately cauz I've been busy. consider
this as a catch-up move.

and sorry for all the smileys, today is an happy day :) :) and re-:) my new
mixtape is out (just gotta pick it up from the duplication service). So
everyone that I promised a copy to in the past months will get one in the
mail shortly (I have all your addresses). I will post directions on how to
get a copy for other people who might want it, i'll do that next week.

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