Re: acid-jazz/hollywood rec.

Tim G. Wagner (
Sat, 19 Aug 1995 15:32:06 -0400

>The latest Jazzmatazz, which was being discussed earlier on the list,
>finally found its way to my PO Box. I wouldn't call this groundbreaking or
>all that innovative, nor would I even venture to say that about the first
>Jazzmatazz (can somebody please explain to me why people seem to think that
>album was so good?), but this one is at least a little bit more musically
>developed. The best tracks in my opinion are all the little interludes with
>the Solsonics, the music just sounds good. The Chaka Khan track is nice,
>the Donald Byrd track "Traveler" or something like that is pretty good too,
>nice muted trumpet playing, and a solo too! (golly!) The Jamiroquai track
>sucks (again, this is just my opinion), all J.K. does is sing "la la la" in
>the background a few times. It has that Jamiroquai sound to it, but in the
>end, so what?

Beyond the first couple Gangstarr albums, Guru hasn't been part of anything
that matters much TO ME. Although, I did like Jazzmatazz 2 alot. Why? I got
a free copy and sold it to the local used record shop for five bucks and
bought a great meal. The most divine Falafel I had in years. I have to
agree with Gordon about the Donald Byrd track though, much better than -

"Hey look at Me! I'm Loungin' with Donald Byrd! He's sitting next to me
playing Trumpet. I'm Loungin'!"

Somebody tell me that this album insulted their intelligence, please! please!

Tim From Buffalo