You lot owe me money!

Marc Wright (
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 21:49:17 +1000

Here I was, sitting in my quiet liitle corner of the world (Australia),
minding my own business, happily buying about one CD every 6 weeks, when I
made an expensive mistake - I subscribed to this list!

Now, after one post enquiring about Mo' Wax, I have a shopping list of
albums a mile long - and I can't afford them.

I'm quite secluded from this whole scene over here - no radio station plays
what I like, no clubs play it either. And I don't know anyone else who
shares my taste. I relied on a monthly magazine (brilliant - it's called
Loop), that carried album reviews, and I ordered anything that sounded
interesting. So, I didn't spend too much.

Now I've gotta get some Hookian Mindz stuff, something by 8UP, Dopes On
Plastic (I and II), I've ordered Red Snapper and Depth Charge from Bad Mood,
and today I bought Wagon Christ's album 'Throbbing Pouch'. I'm going to have
to sell my car to keep up with this.

This list is dangerous. So, if you feel guilty for suggesting stuff
(especially DJ Bambi and Rang), and forcing me to spend much more than I can
afford, please send a donation.

I swear this music is more addictive than drugs.