hello funksters!

JASON BRANCAZIO (jbrancazio@mail.hamquist.com)
21 Aug 1995 11:03:17 -0800

8/21/95 11:51 AM

Just wanted to say I'm back from 1 crazy jazzy summer and that I have a =
new address at work (see mail header). Also wanted to encourage everyone =
to go buy Dope on Plastic Vol II....some of the stuff is incredible. =
Also got the Money Mark song, I like it a lot though it is kinda Lenny =
Kravitz like, and thus a bit of a stretch for Mo' Wax. Good tunes on =
both sides of the record though. Also picked up this Ninjatune promo 10" =
in SF that has a Wagon Christ jungle remix song....pretty good though I'm =
not a huge jungle fan I am a big Luke Vibert fan, this dude is taking =
electronic music somewhere, rather than imitating everyone.....which =
leads me also to mention that I got the Luke Vibert Mo' Wax release and I =
like that too.

Anyway, see y'all later.....