Belizbeha on the whole East Coast

Mark Robohm (
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 14:21:59 -0400

Hello listies....

<><><>COME AND JAM<><>COME AND DANSE<><><><><>

Just thought that I would inform those on the
East Coast that BELIZBEHA is gonna be doin' a little
tour. The dates include:

Tue Aug 22 at The Bayou Washington DC
Wed Aug 23 at The Bus Stop Charleston, SC
Thu Aug 24 at Emory University Atlanta, GA
Fri Aug 25 at Ziggy's Salem, NC
Sat Aug 26 at Jack Straw's, NC?
Sun Aug 27 at Padros Blackburg, VA

So if you want to help some musicians in their quest,
come on down and check out some Soul, Jazz, Rap,
with a fistful of Funk.

To taste the sounds and learn more about the band check
out the home page (address below)

music with soul, jazz, rap, and a fistful of funk
please come on over to visit: