Re: Slagging off Bands: The Roots

Mark Allerton (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 08:29:44 +1200

>for this. So we have Black Thought, the keys guy (forget his name),
>Brother ? and some guy on the bass, who i'm fairly sure wasn't their
>regular bassist as I believe he's white. (Still, the new guy could
>definetly play.)

Wrong. The Roots' bass player is definitely black.

I've seen The Roots live twice now, and the first show was not in any
way disappointing - one of the best live shows I've seen (and I see plenty.)
The second show was not nearly as much fun for some reason, though
the line up was the same (including Rahzel) - don't know if this was
down to the band, the venue (Subterania vs Jazz Cafe), the sound
(definitely worse) or just me...


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