Re: The Roots: Where is that mystery bassist?

Gibo (
Wed, 23 Aug 1995 01:53:37 -0500 (CDT)

> >> Wrong. The Roots' bass player is definitely black.
> >>
> >reread the post, please. he said that the whiteness of the bass player
> >made him doubt that he was the regular Roots bass player. in other
> >words, you're telling him he's wrong and following it with a sentence
> >that proves he's right.
> Erm.... sorry Gibo, but the first guy interpreted it right. I was sure
> that the Roots bass player was originally a white guy, but the guy at the
> Festival was black. This made me think "maybe the bassist split, just like
> Malik." I'm fairly sure that at some stage the Roots had a white bassist.
> I'm fairly sure that he was in a picture with them in Vibe magazine. All
> the band were leaning against this wall and there was a small article
> promoting the band and info about "Do You Want More??!!!??", their
> so-called "debut" album. He may even be lurking about in either the
> "Distortion" or "Proceed" clips.
> Dino!
well, I feel dumb. whatever.

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