Bits and Pieces

a.karavis-staff-hum-jarrah-a930416 (
Wed, 23 Aug 1995 22:09:20 +1000 (EST)

Do you know what striking it lucky is? Finding the Carleen Anderson, the
second Digable Planet album and the Jimmy Jay French hip hop compilation
on cassette for two dollars Australian (around $1.50 US). Do I have a grin
from ear to ear or what???? If anybody wants copies let me know and we
can see what we can work out.

The real reason for posting is that I need Ben List's address in Japan. A
friend of mine is heading to Japan for a conference and want to know the
wheres and whens of acid jazz in the land of the rising sun. The best
thing to do is to mail my friend Alex directly on the following address:

Thanks in advance

PS - QoolMarv and Lo-Ki. Any news on the mix tapes????