Mo' Funk, Hip-hop and more

Luke McKeehan (
Wed, 23 Aug 95 11:30 PDT

Shameless plug -- Mo' Funk Vancouver presents this fall:
Maceo Parker September 5
Guru's Jazzmatazz (w/ R Jordan, Bernard Purdie & Freddie Hubbard)
Ocotber 6
The Greyboy All-Stars October 25
plus...Charlie Hunter, Language of the hip and more

Re: Hip-hop and such. As a promoter it's obvious to me that when MCA
concerts presents a nation-wide "hip-hop" tour, it can really only be so
"underground". Recently with Pharcyde and The Nonce it lost that edge
because it was so commercial. I don't want to talk about black and white
because all you have to do is look at Shaq and Montell Jordan to see some
wack tracks from the brothers. Personally, I feel it's the nature of mass
culture and power that corrupts any musical form. To this extent, hip-hop
(aj, deep-house, jungle, whatever) is best when it's a personal experience.
I make great money as a DJ and promoter in Vancouver, but I still derive the
most pleasure from the music and culture when I hear a good track move me on
my headphones. Mass culture wants to make us all pimps, or bangers, or
grunge -- it denies personal expression because it panders to the lowest
common denominator.
For this reason good hip-hop will always be underground. I think the
era of the super-groups putting out quality stuff is sadly gone, but hip-hop
is very much alive. Check The Rascals, The Nonce, Show & AG, Masta Ace,
Group Home, Common Sense, Brand Nubian and more. Also, note all the great
indie labels putting out shit that would never be picked up by a major;
mixing styles, pushing the envelope. This is the spirit of hip-hop as
KRS-One has noted and I believe it is strong. So what if major labels' rap
revenues are down the past three years -- what did they ever have to do with
the origins anyway?
Thanks for reading.
Luke McKeehan