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Wed, 23 Aug 1995 20:55:29 -0500 (CDT)

> To keep it short how about the theme from that old crappy 70's show
> "What's Happening"?
what's happening was the shit! it ain't crap by a long shot.

check out the TV theme song page someone posted. I'm pretty sure it's on

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> >I'm glad all of these issues have been brought up because I have been
> >lamenting lately about the blandness of hip hop. It has been unusual in the
> >past year because nothing (besides the digables record) has come out that
> >excites me. I think the main problem is that the record bizzz has discovered
> >a formula: 1)dress a guy in blue or red 2)have him rap about bitches and mac
> >10s3)sample a funky beat =hit record. The domination of Dr. Dre et al has all
> >but
> >eliminated the commerical appeal of experimentation.
this is absolutely dead-on.

> I also did a considerable amount of lamenting a few months ago, particularly
> when various publications were releasing their various charts and such
> and I couldn't help disagreeing with a large amount of what I saw. Think
> about it though, despite a large percentage of crap, which is _indeed_ being
> released, there have been some damn fine records being put out as well.
(list deleted)

I think my original "hip-hop is dead" post was a little reactionary.
It's another lament, and a valid lament, but I admit I may have
overstated my case.

the real problem, imho, is that it's easy for the good stuff to be
overshadowed by the crap.

problem: this isn't really list-relevant. is there somewhere else we
can take the discussion?

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